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Crash landing

Sometimes everything seems to be going perfect. All my decisions were making sense. I felt secure and confident with where I was in life, and then suddenly, like a bird I was hunted and shot from the heights of the sky that I’ve soared to. Now as gravity takes control and pulls me down, I suddenly see everything; where I’m coming from and what I’ve missed on my way up.
It’s a funny thing to fall, you realise you have no control and the only thing you can do is just to relax and enjoy the ride down. All in all, I’ve been shot in all areas, arrows of remorse, depression and anger. At the end of the day I was left with two things, life and hope.
It is at my lowest, crash landed on my back that I realise there is nowhere else to go but up. Progression is my only option so I removed the arrows of depression that pierced my mind and release the arrows of anger from my heart and throw them behind be along with remorse.
It’s time to start a new journey with the wisdom from my experiences. I’ve got all I need; myself, motivation, life and the ones who love me.

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